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    Post  1sickat on Fri Jun 11, 2010 12:03 am

    Hey everybody hows it going...its been a while. As all of you know i took the mustang as a project. the project has been going well. now its time to share how it is going and whats been done. but first lets recap.

    Big Mamma is a 1990 ford mustang lx with a 5.0 HO V8
    The pictures below is how the car looked when i picked her up


    Projet Big Mamma P1030904.thProjet Big Mamma P1030901.thProjet Big Mamma P1030902.thProjet Big Mamma P1030903.thProjet Big Mamma P1030908.thProjet Big Mamma P1030911m.thProjet Big Mamma


    Projet Big Mamma P1030913.thProjet Big Mamma P1030907.thProjet Big Mamma P1030912.thProjet Big Mamma P1030914.thProjet Big Mamma P1030915.thProjet Big Mamma


    Projet Big Mamma P1030909.thProjet Big Mamma P1030916.thProjet Big Mamma P1030917.thProjet Big Mamma

    In addition to the obvious in the pctures above there was also over known issues
    4 bad tires
    bad battery
    bad alternator
    bad thermostat
    leaking thermostat housing
    major overheating

    With a long list of things to do i started to work on the car. first was the tires. the two worst tires were swapped out thank to sicdakota. next me and sicdakota changed the thermostat. however this did not stop the overheating or the leak from the thermo housing. next was to straighten out the front end. for this task i must thank sicny01 and sicdakota. the body parts were placed on. then i moved to florida and after getting situated the work started.

    First was to fix the overheating issue. the first thing was to replace the water pump, then came the radiator. during the process of changing the radiator i solved why the car was overheating to begin with. the lower radiator outlet still had the factory cap on. after the radiator was instang the overheating was fixed however there was still a leak from the thermostat housing. with the advice from sicaccord i changed the housing and this had fixed the leak. the overheating and coolant problems were now fixed. i thought i was good until i tried to start the car. which it did not start.

    This then started the next adventure. while trying to start the car i noticed that i did not hear the fuel pump. so i started to check fuses wiring. all things were recieving proper voltage. so after a few phone calls i changed the fuel pump. in addition the fuel filter was changed and so was the fuel pressure regulator. this fixed the starting issue as well as the hesitation and the car turning off due to lack of fuel.the fuel system was fixed with the aid of phone support by sicaccord and sicdakota.

    During these repairs there were several things that was also tackled. The body parts were mounted and bolted up. The battery and alternator were replaced. The egr valve was also replaced. the car was cleaned. Below are the pictures of how the car sits right now and what has been done.


    Projet Big Mamma Imag0011.thProjet Big Mamma Imag0012r.thProjet Big Mamma Imag0010mv.thProjet Big Mamma Imag0020.thProjet Big Mamma


    Projet Big Mamma Imag0005u.thProjet Big Mamma Imag0008.thProjet Big Mamma Imag0007m.thProjet Big Mamma Imag0006z.thProjet Big Mamma Imag0003z.thProjet Big Mamma


    Projet Big Mamma Imag0013s.thProjet Big Mamma Imag0014.thProjet Big Mamma Imag0015.thProjet Big Mamma Imag0016l.thProjet Big Mamma

    and of course there is still one thing that was done that i just have to show a picture of it is the first step to the vynl for my car.

    Projet Big Mamma Imag0001.thProjet Big Mamma

    The next project is going to be the breaks for the front. Pads calipers and rotors.

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    Post  sicaccord on Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:48 pm

    I wish I could be there to get my hands dirty with ya

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