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    neon incident
    by sicstang on Wed Feb 11, 2009 10:46 am

    one night, after a long day at my job, i gave a ride home to one of my friends who was also working that night. i had just had my neon lights installed under my 94 mustang so i was still excited to see them turn on. that particular night, i wanted to ride wit white under the car. it had been raining on and off the entire day so the roads were still wet but i didnt think anything of it.

    after droppin off my friend, i head off to my house. as i come up to the first light to make a left, i pull up behind a cop big deal. i notice opposite of our position, there was another cop car that just so happened to be trying to make a right...going to be heading in the same direction i will be going once my light turned green. i notice for some reason that cop car didn't make the turn even tho the traffic let up...strange but w/e. while i was still waiting for my light (long ass light) another cop car just so happens to turn out of a neighborhood just behind us and pulls behind me to make the this point, i am wondering how many cop cars can you fit in a 1000 sqare foot area.

    the light finally turns green so i make the left turn following the cop car. i notice in my rear mirror, the other cop car waiting to make a right, also turned onto our street...great. after about 10 seconds, the cop car in front of me moves to the right lane, slows down and pulls infront of the other cop car right behind me...wut the fuck. shortly there after, all three mofos put their lights on to pull me over. i pull into the closest parking lot and guess what...another friggin cop shows up. to any onlooker, it must have looked like they chased me all the way up from miami. at this point, i am so damn confused because i didn't knowingly do anything wrong, especially to have 4 cop cars pull me over. i was expecting them to draw their guns but they never did.

    after the cop returned my license and registration, he asked if i knew why i was pulled over. after admitting i had no idea, he said that my neon lights were blue. i looked down and i saw my control box was lit white...i looked outside and my lights were white. I apologized to the cop but told him that they are actually white and proceeded to change the color to blue, just to show him he was an idiot. i could tell he felt like an idiot and said that they had the appearance of blue so i needed to keep them off of "white" from now on. he then told me that there was a warrent out for my mother's arrest so it was a good thing she wasn't driving or she would have been the time, my mother worked for the state and is the type of person who drives 5mph under the speed limit so this just topped his idiocy.

    these are the kind of morons we have to deal with in south florida

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    Re: neon incident
    by 1sickat on Wed Feb 11, 2009 10:37 pm

    its all fun and games till a color blind cop pulls you over

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